Wilderness is God’s training ground. It is where God prepares you for His greater purposes. You can see that kind of experiences in famous Bible characters like Moses, David, Apostle Paul etc.

Every man and woman of God whom God uses for His ministry will go through wilderness whether you like it or not. Why God allows wilderness in your life? The primary purpose of wilderness is to remove your fleshly self confidence and build your spiritual dependance on God.

If you understand this truth, you will never be frustrated with trials and testings that will come across our lives because they are great opportunities for your spiritual growth and maturity. Apostle James understand this truth and he says in James 1:2 Consider it all joy when you face various trials so that you may be perfect and complete and lacking in nothing.

Now you don’t need to look for wilderness desert to get training. God will bring you there in His ways, in His time. Please understand God’s training for you is not universal ready made pattern but it is very unique tailor made syllabus for you alone because God has created you as a unique individual with unique gifting for unique purpose so His training for you is unique.

Here is some wilderness mindsets to avoid to finish our training soon.

1. Don’t compare your problems with somebody. Understand your problems is unique hence your solutions also unique so receive it from the Lord. You can learn principles of the God’s Word from others but not individual specific solutions unless they spoke by the prophetic inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

2. Don’t murmur or complain like Israel people as they do in the desert. Instead develop an attitude of gratitude. Focus on God’s faithfulness and grace and He will empower you to pass through these crisis.

3. Don’t look at the past and think, I wish I could have my past life because the past looks better than the present. Israel people have that mindset and often they wanted to go back to Egypt. Understand if you live in Egypt, you will never fulfill God’s purpose so look forward into the purpose of God and imagine with hope that God will bring you soon into the land of promises.

4. Instead of praying with discouragement, focus on hearing God’s voice about what God wants to teach you in this crisis. Often these teachings will become life lessons for your life and will be a great tool that God uses for you to bless the nations for His glory. So spend much time with God in your time of testings. Learn men shall not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

5. Focus on repenting from past sins as God exposes it. Let us have the attitude like David Psalm 139:23 -24. Don’t harden your hearts as Israel people did against God. Believe God has a great future for you and In His time, He will bring it to fulfillment Psalm 57:2, Psalm 138:8.

Dear people of God, Allow God to work in your life everyday so that we can avoid some unnecessary trials in our lives which happen due to our personal sins. Always believe and thank God that Phil 1:6 one who began a good work in you will complete it. He will not forsake you nor give up on your live because He loves so much and out of His love, He made big plans and dreams for your life and He is waiting for them to fulfill it in your life. God bless you all.